BRM Capability

Business relationship management is a capability designed to stimulate, surface, and shape business demand across all functions (business units, value streams, sales, marketing, technology, HR, finance, etc.) and ensure that the potential business value from satisfying that demand is captured, optimized, and recognized. A strong BRM capability converges cross-functional teams and eliminates value-depleting organizational silos. It strengthens collaboration and drives a culture of creativity, innovation, and shared ownership across the enterprise so that holistic, innovative, and value-driven strategies are created and deliver their intended business value results.

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BRM Role and Service: ITIL Dyad Revisited


ITIL’s approach to the Business Relationship Management role and, especially, the practical applicability of the corresponding BRM process has been a topic of lively debate among Business Relationship Managers. The BRM Institute’s position on this has been that, while ITIL provides a solid framework for establishing the BRM role and taking it through the initial […]

Consulting Tips for Business Relationship Managers – Part 1


This will be the first in a occasional series of posts on consulting tips for Business Relationship Managers (BRMs). BRMs Are Consultants – Like it or Not! I’ve learned over the years that some BRMs do not like being told that among other things, they are: Consultants Salespeople As one that has over 30 years […]

Strong Relationships Begin with Strong Communications


We learn a great deal about relationship management from our work and the people we work with. If our eyes and ears are open, we can also learn a lot from our personal lives. I’ve just returned from a short scuba diving vacation where one of the fundamental disciplines of Business Relationship Management was reinforced […]

What Does Success in Your Business Relationship Management Role Look Like?


Those who’ve tried it know, the BRM role is tough! BRMs are torn between: Conflicting forces of strategic, longer-term thinking and the more tactical short-term demands Insatiable business demand and limited supply Two ‘bosses’ — one from the business side and one from the supply side (usually the CIO when the supply side is the IT […]

How Many Business Relationship Managers Should You Have?


A question that surfaces often is: “How many Business Relationship Managers should we have?”  It’s an important question, but one that needs contextual clarity to answer meaningfully.  Some of the key variables include: How are you defining the BRM role? How large is the organization the BRMs are supporting? What is the level of business […]

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