How to Build Trust: Managing Relationships:

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In today’s online-connected world, where everything changes at the speed of light, it is critical to build strong relationships. Whether you have a formal BRM capability in place or not, you need to actively work to build relationships. Here are some top tips for gaining trust:

Write down the two or three things you want to get across and then weave them into the conversation naturally.



Don’t use your canned elevator pitch when talking with people. Instead of trying to memorize a speech, think in bullet points.

By being open, honest, and finding a personal connection, you can start to build trust. Let them see the person behind the business. Drew Houston, the founder of Dropbox, tells the story of being a student at MIT and regularly forgetting the USB drive with his work assignments. That single problem led him to create Dropbox, a cloud-based file sharing service. His story is relatable to all of us!

Listening with Interest

By really listening to business partners, you demonstrate your level of interest in meeting their needs and goals. Recalling past conversations, order details, and showing concern for their success shows you care and have a vested interest in their growth.

Tracking and Documenting

In order to “remember” these details, keep an actual record of interactions. Not just taking notes on key business practices, goals, and opportunities, but any personal information. Dropping someone a note on their birthday or anniversary shows you are taking a personal interest.

Understanding Their Role

One of the best ways you can establish trust is by having a firm grasp on their organization and professional challenges. Demonstrate how you and your organization provide true value to them. Take the time to make sure you understand their specific role in the organization and find ways to add extra value.

Drip Feeding Information

Once you know someone’s interest, consider having regular conversations about emerging trends in their industry. Forward thought-provoking and informative content that applies to their organization. These give you VBR’s (Valid Business Reasons) for making contact. It also avoids calling only when you are trying to make a sale.

As an example, an attorney might demonstrate this by regularly providing updates on employment law, or changes in regulations that are pertinent to the organization.

Build Trust, Build Relationships

Building that trust is essential in building the foundation for long-term strategic partnerships. Developing these relationships takes time and commitment but the value of the effort is enormous. A successful relationship expands your network and opens the door to more opportunities. It provides new perspective and inspires innovation. When your relationships are solid, and the trust is present, the sky’s the limit.

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