The BRM Body of Knowledge is Finally Here!

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There is something tantalizing about the sea. An immense body of water, it seems to have no beginning or end. It is fathomless, bottomless, and immeasurable. In this, it bears a striking resemblance to the soon-to-be-revealed, newly renovated BRM Interactive Body of Knowledge, or BRMiBOK.

A cornerstone of BRM Institute’s knowledge offerings, the BOK covers topics like how to create a relationship strategy, how to measure tangible value, and how to create an evolved culture within an organization, along with many, many more. The Body of Knowledge is comprehensive and thorough, and will guide any BRM through their role.

And honestly, everyone is a business relationship manager, even if they don’t have “BRM” in their official title.

In the past, business relationship management was closely tied to technology departments and disciplines. However, as the role became more and more effective at finding solutions and building partnerships, it was discovered that the BRM capability can touch every aspect of life, and can, in fact, evolve culture!

 Therefore, the BOK is a valuable resource for anyone as they navigate through life and career hurdles, connecting relationships to results. 

Roy Youngman, Chief Membership Officer, has made it his personal mission to create a dynamic resource that is accessible to users when they need it at any point in their personal journey. Built on a contributor-based platform, new content is continually added by knowledgeable and experienced people around the world.

 The BRM capability is the cornerstone for relationship-centered organizations, and the BRM Body of Knowledge is the cornerstone for the BRM capability. Speaking for the many member contributors from around the world and the BRM Institute editors, I can say it is an honor, privilege, and duty to participate in the perpetual evolution of the BRM Body of Knowledge. As the BRM capability advances, the world becomes a better place,” Youngman said.

Essentially, it is that, in a nutshell, that drives BRM Institute, and the single, global BRM community: Making the world a better place through better relationships. With a BRM capability that can be applied to any relationship, any situation, and any organization, this community will change the world, and the BRMiBOK is fuel for that change. Think of it this way, if Superman had a toolbelt, it would be the BRMiBOK.” 

The BRMiBOK will be unveiled to professional and corporate members on October 4, 2021.


Visit the BRM Institute website for more information about becoming a member.

Relationships will change the world, and that change begins at BRM Institute.

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