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Business Relationship Manager (BRM) Metrics

It comes as no surprise; executives frequently ask for Business Relationship Management (BRM) metrics and the financial business value added to the business through the BRM Capability. BRM Institute has a mission to inspire, promote, and develop excellence in Business Relationship Management across the globe, leading to outstanding business value for organizations and professional fulfillment of every individual member of the BRM community.

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Growing a BRM Strategy Garden


The result of this convergence is powerful indeed, yet the truth is this was not done from one day to the other. It took me years. The Business Relationship Management DNA helped me to work and develop Business Relationship Maturity Model at levels 4 and 5. The BRM Maturity Model in my experience on this project left me with distinct insights at every step, which I have summarized below.

A relationship management cadence keeps BRMs in sync with strategy.


As business relationship managers, we depend on relationships with other business functions to be successful, but it can be easy to fall out of sync with business strategy and struggle to get the right type of information out of your function. To get ahead of these issues, we must put BRM approaches in place that eliminate value-depleting siloes and converge business functions.

IT Evolution: The Path to IT Maturity


IT is in a state of flux, which probably isn’t news to you. Business has grown progressively more technology-centric during the last few years, causing IT to shift from the periphery to the heart of the business. So what’s next?

Strategic Partner Considerations: Delivering Value to the Business


Introduction A common scenario when engaging with business partners is that demand tends to be driven purely from their perspective, which is neither unreasonable nor entirely unexpected. Typically, these demands entail fixes to systems that alleviate a productivity issue in one small part of the business, without taking a broader, more benefit-driven perspective into account […]

An Engaged Business Sponsor is a Powerful Partner


Recently, a new BRM Institute Online Campus friend, Ruggero Nocerino, quoted Machiavelli in a post: “Nothing is more difficult to plan, more doubtful to happen, or more dangerous to manage than the creation of a new system, for the one who proposes it produces the enmity of those who have profit to preserve the ancient […]

BRM Truth #9


Brought to you by BRM Institute and On Your Feet. Illustrated by Gary Hirsch. © 2016 Gary Hirsch. Published under license.

First Steps for Your BRM Journey


The Business Relationship Management journey from Level One Ad-hoc and Level Two, Order Taker isn’t easy, especially if you’re alone or in a small group and leading the change. Here are some small steps to get you started. We all know change isn’t easy, and even when a situation isn’t satisfying, we’re more comfortable with a […]

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