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Before you continue reading this, first things first. 

Grab a pen and a piece of paper.


Then, take 1 minute to think about the following question and write down your answer.


              If you could spend 30 hours a week working on or towards one thing, what would that thing be?


Did you write it down?

If not, go back and read the question again; write your answer down.

Now, consider this – your answer is your purpose. Or at least, it likely contains a component of your purpose!

Some of you may have written things down such as:

  • To travel the world photographing nature
  • To adopt all the lost and forgotten animals and build an animal sanctuary
  • To be the first professional football player in space
  • To build giant ice sculptures of giraffes hugging elephants
  • To learn and master a musical instrument

Where does this purpose fit in with where you spend most of your time?

Even if these don’t converge, you can still be purposeful in what you do and in this way work towards satisfying your purpose every day.

For example, if we work a job, we don’t particularly love, we can shift our perspective to something like this:

“This work puts food on my table, allows me opportunities to connect with others, and helps me create space to follow my purpose where possible.”

In this, we find purpose.

Moreover, with the rise of relationshipism and organizations that embrace BRM, our careers are allowing us to bring more personal purpose into the workplace. This convergence of personal and organization purpose leads to happier individuals, stronger relationships and durable communities.

Once you’ve identified your purpose, say it out loud. And then share it out loud with your loved ones and peers. Also, know that it’s completely acceptable if you don’t know your purpose and say,

“My purpose is trying to define what I want to be working towards.”

Let your purpose become your own Abracadabra! *

* The word, Abracadabra is of Hebrew or Aramaic origin, being derived either from the Hebrew words ‘ab’ (father), ‘ben’ (son), and ‘ruach hakodesh’ (holy spirit), or from the Aramaic ‘avra kadavra’, meaning ‘it will be created in my words’.

Through openly stating our purpose with our colleagues and loved ones, we are naturally working towards our purpose. Plus, it’s human nature to support each other’s dreams and aspirations, so sharing your purpose just might help you build new friendships!

More than our own purpose, if we all aim to support each other’s dreams, goals, and ambitions, then we share a purpose.

As a species seven billion strong, this shared purpose born of a pure desire to help one another wields great power to change the world – to give to life in all its beauty through positivity and support.

How to Promote Your Purpose

So, are you clear on your purpose?

Yes or no, BRMConnect is the perfect place to gain experience, knowledge, and tools to define and follow your purpose. Registration ends September 30th, so ACT NOW! 

Action Item for BRMConnect. Identify a phrase that is your personal purpose; it may or may not directly connect with your job description. Your goal is to share it with at least 3 people at BRMConnect. When you meet an old friend or make a new friend whom you trust, openly share your purpose and focus that energy into the world.

Then, sit back and focus on how good their love and support feel. You have the power to change the world.

And remember…

Stay kind.

Remain positive.

Keep an open mind.

And continue working towards your purpose, you beautiful creature.



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