Relationshipism and Human Connection: Explained by the BRMConnect Keynote Speaker

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Relationshipism and Human Connection

We are excited to announce this year’s keynote speaker at the World BRMConnect Conference, Daniëlle Hellebrand!

In this highlight article, Daniëlle shares her valuable take on Relationshipism and the future of business management, primarily driven by a strategic BRM capability and human connection.

If you would like to learn more about Daniëlle, please read on.

A New Path for Leadership

Slowly, we are waking up to realize that a lot we’ve been taught about management and leadership is wrong.

Most of us grew up in the business world believing that a manager’s principal job is to supervise and control team members. To assign work to, and to evaluate and motivate with carrots and sticks. I always wondered why leadership training was often about telling employees something, instead of asking them what they think. Asking for something – rather than telling or directing people – builds a psychological place of equity.

While it has been popular in recent decades to focus on scientific thinking and to downplay the role of emotions, this is actually a fatal strategic error. Emotions are an important and useful element of informational processing in the human brain.

That’s why an understanding of human behavior and neuroscience is necessary. Because work is the place where we spend the bulk of our waking hours.


We humans are social beings that thrive when working in groups. Throughout history, we have enhanced our chances of survival by sharing resources, knowledge, and workloads. Isolation from a group decreased our survival chances. As a result, our brain is highly aware of our ongoing social status. Is there a threat or reward? Do I feel safe?

Today, the workplace is the biggest social environment the brain experiences. So our brains do not operate in isolation from one another. In fact, every interaction continues to build on each other.

We are incredibly social creatures, as research from Dr. Daniel Siegel shows in his book ‘Interpersonal Neurobiology’. Not only is our brain connected to every cell in our body. A surprising, direct and subconscious connection exists with brains of other people via our senses. Whether we realize or not, we are constantly reading each other’s facial expressions and body language.

Our brain is constantly providing us with feedback in our social interactions with others and our environment. There are fluid borders between internal and external worlds. A workplace is an energy field. Good and bad energy – trust and fear – move in waves around us. We can feel them if we are paying attention.

In business, it’s about people. It’s about relationships. That is why Relationshipism matters!

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Introducing the World BRMConnect 2019 Keynote Speaker

Daniëlle Hellebrand

Daniëlle Hellebrand

Daniëlle Hellebrand worked for 20 years in the Human Resource field.
In 2011 she quit her corporate job and dove into the world of psychology, neurobiology and cognitive neurosciences.
Currently, Daniëlle works as an executive coach, columnist and keynote speaker at [email protected] and ECO-international.

She is interested in applying neuroscience discoveries to building corporate relationships, coaching, and leadership. She encourages people to make practical use of what is known about the brain. To create more brain-wise and inspiring workplaces.

Her website is:

Connect with her on LinkedIn!

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