#IAmBRM: The Hurdles, Strengths, and Impacts of Business Relationship Management

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When we look to the future of Business Relationship Management (BRM), we pay attention to what the leaders and trailblazers are doing in our community. In order to catch a glimpse into this realm of leadership, we turned to eight standout individuals to learn about their experience as BRMs. In this final article, we encapsulate the knowledge from these #IAmBRM leaders to share lessons on how you can grow as an individual and spread the message of BRM.

#IAmBRM: A Synopsis

Perhaps the most common thread among these great BRMs is a shared belief in the power of Business Relationship Management. These individuals hail from an array of industries and job titles. From public universities to a tech company, to an insurance conglomerate, these #IAmBRM champions demonstrate the value that BRM can supply to every organization.

Each BRM possesses a set of skills vital to succeeding under the BRM philosophy. Strong communication, critical thinking, and influential relationship building skills represent the core of a BRM. Ultimately, the name of the BRM game is to build value-contributing relationships by bridging gaps across functions.

The Main Hurdle

The strength of a BRM, building relationships, unfortunately, becomes inhibited by a lack of awareness about Business Relationship Management. Due to the relative novelty of BRM as a practice, many organizations remain unaware of the power of Business Relationship Management. In their own words, every #IAmBRM mentioned this as a challenge they’ve encountered on a regular basis.

The absence of BRM education leads to problems like role confusion, less time spent with partners and providers, and having little authority as a BRM. Since relationships are built on trust, BRMs often struggle in the beginning, because those unaware of the practice are slower to trust.

However, time and again, BRMs prove themselves as they work up the BRM Maturity Model to achieve strategic partner status. When organizations understand the incredible value BRMs provide, they trust and grant more autonomy to the position. But as individuals, it can be difficult to gain this trust at first. So how can we spread the word about BRM, making it a household name in every organization? By relying on our one-of-a-kind BRM community.

Strength in Numbers

Just like every #IAmBRM shared similar challenges, they overcame this obstacle through similar methods; by turning to their peers for support. They noticed that many BRMs faced the same issues and learned how those individuals solved problems.

If we want to combat the low penetration of BRM awareness, we must first internalize the purpose of BRM by truly believing in its value. Then, we must own it by serving as individual advocates and champions. And finally, when in doubt, we must turn to our support system in the greater BRM community.

How Can I Make an Impact?

Business Relationship Management is gaining momentum throughout the world. Organizations who understand this benefit greatly from the value contributed by our very own BRMs. But we must band together to keep the momentum going and give further credence to the BRM philosophy.

You can do your part by joining BRM Institute as a Professional Member, attending BRMConnect, and by joining a Community of Interest (CoI). All of which are made up of individuals who strive to see BRM flourish on a global scale.

Our #IAmBRM advocates unanimously look to BRMConnect as their most impactful resource and most powerful tool. Thus, by attending the conference, we can find inspiration and learn from our fellow peers. Consume yourself with the excitement and energy of like-minded individuals at BRMConnect.

And let’s ride that wave of positive momentum into a future shaped by Business Relationship Management.

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