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BRM Communication: The Right Tool for the Job


Many BRMs are part of global organizations in which face-to-face communication is not always an option. Learn how to capture your audience’s attention, develop relationships with the C-suite, and use the distance to your advantage.


From Cost to Value: Changing the IT Conversation, Part 1


BRMs have much to offer when it comes to strategy, but in order to get the word out to business partners, the conversation has to change from cost centers to value centers, a culture of output needs to turn into a culture of creativity, and IT needs to think like marketing.


Ensuring Business Value Through BRM


As BRM professionals, we are responsible for helping our organizations deliver business value. But what does business value really mean, and what role can the BRM play in achieving it?


Convergence Culture is Key to Business Success


Convergence culture allows organizations to be more efficient when meeting demands, building strategy, and sharing ownership of results.

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