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The Neuroscience of Trust


Building trust is a dynamic process that requires intentional effort. It begins with fostering open and transparent communication, creating psychological safety, and demonstrating consistent behaviors that align with trustworthiness. Leaders who prioritize building trust invest in interpersonal connections, actively listen to their team members, and consistently honor their commitments. By doing so, they create a positive feedback loop wherein trust flourishes, and relationships deepen.

Mastering Your BRM Toolkit….. On Demand!


On April 24, 2024, the single, global BRM community came together for a powerful virtual event that offered essential learning for professionals at all levels.
This exciting event, Mastering Your BRM Toolkit, offered with a range of workshops which covered topics like how to utilize the RSOAP, value documents, Growing Relationship Maturity and much more. Attendees had the opportunity to experience a live Q&A with presenters and tap into expertise & knowledge to needed to start applying these tools to their own practice.

If you couldn’t attend this event live….we’ve got great news for you!

Trust, the Invisible Thread


Trust is the foundation for great team effectiveness, but it cannot be dictated….it must grow organically. The most respected leaders are often the ones who are most receptive to this thinking. They build a culture of open dialogue where feedback is a two-way street.

The Key Ingredients of a High-Performing BRM Team


BRM teams serve as the linchpin between various business units, ensuring alignment between technology solutions and organizational goals. However, not all BRM teams are created equal. Some soar while others struggle to gain traction. So, what sets apart a high-performing BRM team from the rest? Let’s delve into the key ingredients that make them successful.

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Alberta Health Services

Bristol Myers Squibb




Church & Dwight

Cleveland Clinic


Department of Veterans Affairs

Federal Aviation

Franciscan Alliance

Government of Canada

Hackensack Meridian Health

HUB International

Huntsman Europe

Intermountain Healthcare

Mayo Clinic


Miami-Dade County

Mount Sinai


Raytheon Technologies

Reserve Bank of Australia


Sentara Health

South African Reserve Bank

Stanley Black and Decker

State of Louisiana

State of Michigan


The Boston Beer Company

The Sherwin Williams Company

The University of Birmingham


United Nations

United States Department of Agriculture

University of Washington

City of Atlanta

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