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Team dynamics is a subject matter most organizations are wrestling with as team leaders work to find the best and most efficient way to get their people set up to thrive in a creative and collaborative manner. Effective team leaders recognize that their members will have difference of opinions, various energies, and diverse personalities that could potentially rumble and create discourse within the organization.

There are ways to work through the team’s dynamics and end up on the other side of discourse with a productive, respectful, and synergized group of amazing creatives.

In an organization, teams can be defined from as few as two people up to hundreds of people. Within all teams, no matter the size, divergent energy may and at times, will exist.

It’s a feasible reality that most team’s energy will fluctuate as team members experience peaks and valleys—it is part of their reality. As projects change, challenges emerge, and triumphs prevail, the human condition will influence the team dynamics.

However, a team leader who understands the significance of nurturing relationships, building a resilient culture, recognizing all types of value, and establishes a clear purpose is on a right track to create and sustain an amazing team. No matter if it shrinks, grows, or stays the same size.

Thus…we want to know…

How does a team create and sustain healthy dynamics?

There are many different aspects to creating and sustaining healthy team dynamics. For starters, there must be a shared purpose which all team members can relate to and support. When a team establishes a shared purpose together, it builds strong and meaningful relationships. Strong relationships fuel the dynamics in a team.

When team members respect diversity, support inclusiveness, and encourage a sense of belonging it creates value within and outside of their relationships. The team members become the shining example of what healthy team dynamics look like.  In order for team members to thrive at a consistent and productive level within an organization, their relationships must be built on trust and openness. When trust is prevalent, and openness is not only encouraged but supported it gives rise to a level of creativity where vulnerability and innovation unites to produce infinite potentiality.

As team members embrace their potential, and the team leader participates and passionately invests in their people it ripples throughout the organization and becomes the pinnacle in which other teams take notice and follow suit. Therefore, healthy team dynamics are not only cultivated by the team leader and members, but then the healthy dynamics of the team has the potential to be reproduced and utilized by the organization’s members, too.

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