Recognize Value at BRMConnect 2019

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Recognize Value

Obtaining awareness and a full understanding of one’s purpose in life is a vital part of the human experience. However, in their work life, many people may feel unfulfilled when they find their contributions go unnoticed.

The Human Element

Today, businesses can no longer maintain a competitive edge while ignoring the human need to discover purpose within their organization. Alternatively, organizational leaders empower their workforce by recognizing and supporting the individual value each person contributes, which drives business value results.

So, how can organizations better recognize individual value to bring meaning and purpose into their workers’ lives?

BRMs, Value Recognition, and Relationshipism 

BRMs play a key role in helping their business partners realize individual value through intentional relationship building. Moreover, BRMs actively practice Relationshipism by shifting away from sole recognition of tangible value (profit) and moving towards the celebration of intangible value—individual meaning and purpose.

In this way, a BRM-enabled organization will ultimately evolve into a truly value-focused organization.

Learn More at BRMConnect 2019

At BRMConnect, top BRMs will converge together from around the world to share practical tools for not only recognizing personal purpose and value, but also engaging it to support organizational fulfillment.

Come join us at this global event to understand the unique value you bring to your organization and the larger social impact you can make!



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