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As the World BRMConnect Conference approaches, we’re interviewing BRMs to gain insight into further improving our global BRM community. These standout individuals share their experiences in accordance with this year’s theme, #IAmBRM. This week, we interviewed Leanne McGiveron to hear how she incorporated BRM into her organization and how it’s helped her attain success. Her unique field provides a fresh perspective on BRM, and highlights how BRM produces value in all types of industries.

Leanne McGiveron spearheads the BRM program for the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine at Purdue University, serving as Associate Director since 2016.

She and her team have a mission! They work tirelessly to cultivate meaningful partnerships that enhance faculty research, teaching, and engagement by optimizing Purdue’s IT investment value. These strategic partnerships with both faculty and onsite technology-focused organizations help advance the growth of Purdue’s digital agriculture and animal healthcare management.

Tasked with bringing Purdue’s IT investment to the faculty, Leanne searched out the most effective methods.  “Finding the BRM Institute has been critical to our success. And the BRMConnect conference, was like drinking from a fire hydrant,” as the event continued to build the team’s knowledge around BRM best practices and frameworks. Leanne adds that networking was one of the most beneficial takeaways from the conference as she connected with many global BRMs. Leanne participated in dynamic discussions, sharing challenges, successes, and lessons learned. These conversations energized her team and they continue to mature their BRM program.

“It truly is about being a strategic business partner..."

We asked Leanne what BRM means to her, and she shared, “It truly is about being a strategic business partner. It’s about being passionate about the future of agriculture and veterinary medicine; listening for opportunities to converge world-class, discipline thought-leaders with technology leaders. It’s about digital transformation.” Leanne found transformational methods of incorporating BRM into her niche industry and she values the benefits BRM brings to her organization.

Prior to joining BRM Institute, Leanne only sought knowledge in the relationship management space, now she adds to it! Since joining the institute, Leanne and her team have made magnificent strides forward with the help of rich resources, the knowledge base, and a Community of Interest. She now aspires to create a collaborative environment where faculty and IT partner up to learn from one another and transform their mutual interests.

Thank you, Leanne, for your contributions to the global BRM community, and for serving as a valuable member of BRM Institute.

The BRM Community & Networking

“I have benefited immensely from the BRMConnect Forums, Online Campus, and BRMConnect Conferences, which have all enhanced my knowledge and helped me connect with a network of global BRMs. The most gratifying aspect for me is the ability to give back in the form of mentor, leader, and fellow BRM practitioner and see this community grow. Proud to be a part of the global BRM community!”

Suresh GP

Managing Director, TaUB Solutions Pte Ltd

“The BRM is the only position that has the view from both sides of the fence, but is often isolating whilst attempting to reflect both business priorities and demands against the constraints and complexities of delivering technology needs. BRM Institute has provided a great space to develop strategic partnership, allowing a share of views and concepts with like-minded people.”

Simon Matthews

Cunard Technology Business Partner, Carnival UK

All conferences promote networking, but BRMConnect delivered. Networking opportunities were available with industry colleagues, presenters, and BRM thought leaders. I had multiple conversations around organizational obstacles; all were eager to have the conversation. The conference was impactful to both my professional and our organizational growth.”

Leanne McGiveron

Associate Director, Business Relationship Management, Purdue University

“I greatly enjoy working with my BRM Institute peers through the BRM Council to learn and contribute to the betterment of the BRM practice. I have also enjoyed meeting everyone in this wonderful community, whether in person, on the phone, or through the Online Campus. I look forward to continuing my journey with the great BRM Institute community. Thank you!”

Jason Ruiter

Business Relationship Manager, Wholesale Manufacturing, Agrium IT

The Experience

I liked the diverse options of subjects to attend, interaction, and pragmatic approach to many of the topics.  This wasn’t a place to come sit down and watch PowerPoint presentations; it was an engaging, relevant, and motivating discussion.  I walked away with many ideas and new approaches to current situations, as well as new contacts who have experience in what we’re working on.”

Jim Brusnahan

Director IT BRM, Global Manufacturing and Engineering Excellence, Johnson Controls

I quickly realized that my CIO needed to be in that room! The storytellers were one of the best elements of the conference, sharing their perspectives and answering questions regarding real-world application of BRM techniques/tools. The presenter’s feedback gave me the ability to return with a game plan for building the BRM role and capability, even within a challenging organizational culture.”

David Prater

IT Business Relationship Manager, Hillsborough County

“The bulk of the storytellers were practicing BRMs, rather than the usual conference pattern of consultant/vendor presenters. Back in 2015, it was difficult to get BRMs to lead sessions—not so this year. While the consultant/ vendor presentations are polished and packed with useful information, there’s nothing like a conference for BRMs by BRMs!”

Vaughan Merlyn

Principal, The Merlyn Group

“I’m not sure I’ve been to many conferences where I struggled because there were simply too many good sessions to attend. Loved all the storytellers, and that goes for those who shared their stories with me in breaks and evening events. You simply cannot find better people, stronger content, and more inspiration for those on the journey to strategic partnership.”

Kip Fanta

Principal, Kip Fanta Group

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