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Relationships are everywhere. For instance, you have a relationship with me, your captain. You’re trusting me to not crash this tour, to guide you safely to our destination, and to provide you with everything you need along the way. You know that at any given time on this trip, you can communicate your needs to me, and I’ll listen.

Think about your best work relationship. What elements did it have or not have? What needs did it fulfill for you? How did you maintain it?

These are all valid questions as you seek to replicate that relationship. 

The basic concepts of the BRM philosophy are:

  1. A culture of great relationships is the source of limitless organizational energy that will rapidly increase performance and growth.
  2. The organization’s strategic and execution activities, along with the skills of BRMs, will impact the world, and not just an individual or organization.
  3. People shouldn’t have to compromise personal purpose to earn a living, and they should be encouraged to find organizations with a deeper and more meaningful perception of value.
  4. Relationship-centered organizations are better, faster, more fun, and more fulfilling to work with.

5. Organizations that are driven by a triple bottom line of people, purpose, and planet can lead to infinite value positioning for the organization, the people, and the planet. 

6. Leaders see that their organization is a key player on a much larger stage and are intimately connected to other organizations by a network of relationships. 

7. BRM can and should be leveraged to solve big world problems. 

Don’t let the word “business” in business relationship management fool you. The theory and capability of BRM extend far beyond business. Look around you. Use your BRM skills to identify who within your circle has the necessary skills to accomplish a particular thing, and put those skills to use. 

We all get tired. We all get discouraged. Look at your group, and see how you can make things easier. Connect the people around you to things or situations that will make their lives a bit better. The truth is, life isn’t made from one giant success after another. Instead, it is forged from daily wins—tiny things that make you happy on a daily basis—things that add up to a life of contentment. 

As we taxi this runway and prepare to take off on this yearlong adventure exploring BRM, take a look at your daily life. Examine the small “wins” that fulfill you. And do those things! 

Life is too short not to. 

-Bessie. R. Flyte

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