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The Evolved CBRM Pilot Recap

Kip Fanta and the BRM Institute team greeted students at the beautiful Texas A&M University campus early Monday morning, ready to dive into the latest iteration of the Certified Business Relationship Management (CBRM) course. Understanding the theory behind BRM is one thing, but translating theory into actionable practice is another. Participants of this pilot course had the exciting opportunity to to give real-time feedback of the program and their contributions will shape the outcome of the final course. 

Kip Fanta Facilitating the course
Take a look at a brief overview of each day
  • Introduction to the program and the objectives.

  • Overview of BRM Capabilities

  • Exploration into organizational purpose and strategy

  • Immersion into Evolving Culture

  • Engaging discussions on challenges and strategies to overcome

  • Students were especially passionate about this portion of the course

  • Focus on building partnerships and driving value through effective relationship management

  • Practical exercises to reinforce learning

  • Exploration of limitless growth opportunities and continous improvement for the BRM role.

  • Delving into the responsibilities and skills required of an effective Strategic Partner

  • Emphasis on satisfying purpose in a BRM team.

  • Culmination of the program with a focus on the relationship-centered organization.

As a fun and interactive part of the pilot session, participants were organized into random groups, each assuming a role within a custom t-shirt business. They were assigned roles that included manager, designer, marketing and sales, as well as owner. Throughout the week, the teams worked through various incidents while maintaining their designated roles. Students bonded, while learning how to faciliate strategy development during this fun team activity, and the individual t-shirt businesses evolved into unique organizations with specific principles and values.

The pilot program brought together BRMs from diverse backgrounds, industries, and experience- including attendees from Mexico, Austria, and other parts of the world, making this pilot course an internationally enriching training experience!

The Evolved CBRM pilot was a powerful learning experience, allowing students to enhance their skills with valuable techniques and frameworks that will allow these BRM professionals to put theory into practice! 


Ready to become a strategic partner?

Upcoming Evolved CBRM Courses June 24-28, 2024


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