BRM Institute South Africa Chapter

Chapter Vision

To be recognized as the professional home and leading information source for Business Relationship Management and Business Partner professionals in South Africa

Chapter Mission Statement

To serve the professional interests of chapter members by providing an environment that enables the expansion of professional networks, advancement of career, and improvement of  organizational success.

Chapter Purpose  

The primary purpose of the Chapter is to promote the education of individuals for the improvement and development of their capabilities relating to Business Relationship Management.

We are excited to open up the BRM Institute South Africa Chapter! As the first BRM Chapter, this is a significant milestone of the Institute’s strategy to grow the global BRM community and strengthen BRM in the regions.

Membership has been growing in South Africa and thanks to local volunteers, a team has been working on the formation of the Chapter for the past year. The Chapter will help locally to better establish the BRM Institute identity, promote membership, and make it easier to fund and organise local events.

The Chapter Board of Directors has been formed from this initial team of volunteers but in the future will be elected by the local members. Any member can be nominated to serve and indeed all members are encouraged to help as the Chapter is entirely based on volunteer support.  

This is a truly exciting initiative for South Africa, and we encourage every local member to participate and help make this a great success. Members will be asked to opt-in as members of the Chapter as well as the Institute and for 2020 there will be no additional Chapter fee. The BoD will decide whether to charge a Chapter member fee for 2021.

Chapter Objectives

The objectives of the Chapter are as follows: 

  • Promote the education of and help expand the knowledge and skills of its members and their related organizations in the interrelated fields of business relationship management.

  • Encourage an open exchange of information related to business relationship management techniques, approaches, and problem-solving by its members and their related organizations.

  • Promote adequate communication to keep members abreast of current events in business relationship management that can be of benefit to members and their related organizations.

  • Communicate the importance of establishing an advanced business relationship management capability.

  • Engage with other related organizations, including BRM Institute and other chapters, to further BRM Institute’s purpose and promise.

  • Promote awareness and recognition of the Business Relationship Management profession.

  • Develop rich, lasting, and rewarding professional relationships among chapter members, BRM Institute, and other strategic alliance partners.

  • Encourage and support the education, development, and certification of its members in the business relationship management profession.

  • Provide a forum for knowledge sharing, discussions, individual volunteerism, and contributions within the business relationship management community.
    Promote globally recognized standards and best practices to enhance the business relationship management profession.

  • Promote adequate communication to keep chapter members abreast of current events and research in business relationship management fields that can be of benefit to them and their employers.

  • Communicate to corporate institutions, professionals, and to academic institutions the importance of business relationship management.
    Promote the BRM Institute’s professional development offerings and certifications.

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