Business Relationship Management Certificate of Experience Request Form

To apply for the Business Relationship Management Certificate of Experience, please fill out the following form:

  • (If you have acquired the CBRM certification, apply for the CBRM Certificate of Experience only. BRMP is no longer applicable as it’s prerequisite for CBRM.)
  • If you have your CBRM, do not upload your BRMP certificate in addition to your CBRM certificate.
    Drop files here or
  • Please provide an executive summary of your impact of no more than 250 words:
    1.) Personal purpose
    2) Company(s) purpose
    3) Single global BRM community
    4) BRM Discipline
    5) Overall societal impact
  • Please upload supporting documentation of up to 2,000 words detailing the impact summarized above:
  • Please enter the name, email address, and phone number of the person that can validate your completion for this certificate.

See the BRM Certificate of Experience Public Listing here!

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