BRM Institute Pin Program: Recognizing BRMs around the Globe

The Connecting Power of Pins

A reflection back to the simple joys of a different era, pin collecting remains a popular hobby around the globe. Inspired by the strong community and camaraderie of Disney pin collectors, and wanting to foster a similar pride and connection, BRM Institute created its own line of collectible pins.

It was an immediate success and the global BRM community loves to earn, collect, and share with the World!

In 2015, at the World BRMConnect conference in Portland, BRM Institute’s first pin debuted to commemorate the first of many BRMConnect experiences. Soon after, pins to signify BRMP® and CBRM® certifications joined the ranks of bright collectibles, a tangible sign of BRM progress. As knowledge offerings and certifications were added to the Knowledge Path to Success, new pin designs appeared.

BRMs began bringing their pin collection to events, proudly adorning their attendee lanyards.

This started the unique pin culture of today. A culture which takes pride in collecting, sharing, and discussing, not just these tiny mementos, but the stories and accomplishments they represent.

Common ways to earn pins include:
  • Attend a World BRMConnect event and get a unique conference pin
  • Get certified through professional development opportunities such as BRMP, CBRM, and MBRM®
  • Get involved in the BRM Community, including various volunteer opportunities
  • Develop and enter new pins into circulation through the pin trade program (learn more below!)

BRM Pin Trading Program

The BRM Pin Program is designed to expand beyond just the collectible pins that are released through BRM Institute!

Through the Pin Trading program, teams and individuals can collect or develop their own pins. This is an opportunity to create something they believe represents the BRM role and their unique skills and accomplishments.

It’s become tradition to bring extra pins to meetings and events for recognition and trade amongst others.

To support this initiative, each World BRMConnect Conference provides a trading board where members congregate to swap and enter new pins into circulation.

Pins in Circulation

The process is simple! Check out the list below to see all of the pins in circulation today, as well as unique and limited-run pins that are now highly sought-after collectibles.

Most importantly…don’t forget to bring your pins to each BRM networking event, including BRMConnect, to show off your collection by attaching them to your attendee lanyard!

BRMConnect Pins

BRMConnect New Orleans

BRMConnect San Diego

BRMConnect Washington D.C.

2019 World BRMConnect event

Quantity: ?

2018 World BRMConnect event

Quantity: 300

2017 World BRMConnect event

Quantity: 200

BRMConnect Charlotte

BRMConnect Amsterdam

BRMConnect Sydney

2016 World BRMConnect event

Quantity: 200

2016 BRMConnect Europe event

Quantity: 50

2016 BRMConnect Sydney, Australia event

Quantity: 50

BRMConnect Banff

BRMConnect Portland

2016 BRMConnect Banff, Canada event

Where it all began in 2015

Quantity: 50

Quantity: 150

Continuous Production

Business Relationship Management Professional (BRMP)

Certified Business Relationship Manager (CBRM)

BRM Institute 5-Year Professional Member

Signifying an individual who has earned their BRMP certification

Signifying an individual who has earned their CBRM Certification

In celebration of BRM Institute inaugural

BRM Institute Logo

BRMConnect Burst

Strategic Alliance

The logo for Business Relationship Management Institute

#VolunteerLove for all BRMConnect Volunteers and Storytellers

Recognizing our Strategic Alliance partners, as well as those in Relationship Champion Committees

Registered Provider Gold

Registered Provider Silver

For registered providers who have the additional registered coaching/consulting provider accreditation

For registered providers licensed to deliver BRM Institute Knowledge Offerings

Unique Pins/Limited Run

BRMConnect Butterfly

BRM Explorers Ship


Debuted at BRMConnect D.C. in 2017 for all women BRM

Signifying the explorers in BRM who are charting a path in their organization

The original BRM Institute logo

Quantity: 100

Quantity: 130

Quantity: 50

BRM Petals

These pins show #VolunteerLove for leaders serving on BRM Institute Board of Directors, Councils, Communities of Interest, Regional Ambassadors, and beyond

Quantity: 200

If you’d like to start collecting your very own pins,
join the global BRM Community today!

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