Take the Hill: Making the Most out of BRMConnect 2018

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Take the Hill at BRMConnect 2018

“Remember our time here at BRMConnect isn’t worth a single dollar if we don’t leave here and take action!”

-Kip Fanta

What Comes Next?

Now that BRMConnect is over, it’s time to reflect on what we’re bringing back to work with us on Monday. In his closing keynote on Wednesday evening, Kip Fanta, Principal of the Kip Fanta Group, challenged us to answer a simple question. Imagine standing in front of your partners and leaders on Monday morning, and they ask you “Was it worth it?”.

It’s easy to offer the emotional validations:
“It was exciting, fun and I learned so much.” And that’s great! But it’s unlikely to be what your boss wants to hear.

So, how do we capture the value of such a unique, wide-ranging experience? We act on it of course! Capitalizing on the knowledge and energy we gained from BRMConnect 2018, Kip challenges us all to take the hill.

Taking the Hill

Historically, “taking the hill” referred to the most advantageous place to be on the battlefield, an elevated piece of terrain such as a hill where a unit could best defend themselves, build up their forces, and then advance to the next objective.

Applied here, it’s strategically deciding what your next objective will be, and then immediately acting to accomplish it. It’s so easy to get bogged down by the planning of how to best impact your organization. But Kip argues that you have enough information from this BRMConnect experience alone to act! He quotes Peter Marshall who said, “Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.”

Going one step further, he encouraged everyone in attendance to complete a personal portfolio refresh as a first step, if another action doesn’t immediately present itself to your mind.

Reflect and Execute

In an event full of memorable keynotes and thousands of “A-ha!” moments, Kip’s closing call to action reminded us all that we must take time to reflect. Reflect on our experience at BRMConnect and organize our thoughts into beneficial insights to impact our organizations. Recognizing that leadership is inherent to BRM, he reminds us to bring the attitude that we want copied. To be a leader among leaders he leaves us with this:

“You must know your value prop. Know everything your team is doing and get out and talk about it!”

Let’s ride the wave of positive energy from BRMConnect 2018, take the hill, and lead our organizations into a transformational year for Business Relationship Management!

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