LEF Research: Raising IT’s Game Through BRM

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New report by the Leading Edge Forum (LEF) explains why some firms bridge the IT/Business Relationship divide so much better than others

The BRM mission has always been to improve the communication, collaboration, coordination, negotiation, alignment, leadership, and decision-making between IT and other key parts of the business, so that IT can be better exploited and leveraged. Unfortunately, this remains easier said than done in many organizations.

Having worked closely with dozens of organizations and hundreds of individual BRMs, our latest research report (which includes powerful diagnostic assessments) reveals a simple three-part formula for assuring that IT organizations are not just IT service providers, but rather serve as true business partners.

By following the guidance in this report and giving BRMs the experiential training they need, companies can raise the game of Enterprise IT and pursue the fantastic technology opportunities that lie ahead more effectively.


IT organizations are not just IT service providers, but rather serve as true business partners.

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If you have questions, please contact Kate Taylor at kate.taylor@leadingedgeforum.com.

The Leading Edge Forum is a global research and thought leadership community dedicated to helping large organizations become more successful by identifying and adopting next practices at the growing intersection between business and information technology. Since 2006, we have been developing and delivering BRM education and training programmes across multiple sectors, enabling our clients to deliver better business value from technology.

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