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The BRM Institute Online Campus is your gateway to the single global BRM community, the latest BRM standards, and professional development opportunities.

BRM Body of Knowledge

In the Business Relationship Management Body of Knowledge (BRMBOK) you will find a continuously evolving body of frameworks, models, concepts, techniques and information useful to those interested in the Business Relationship Management (BRM) role or organizational capability. The BRMiBOK is available to Professional Members of Business Relationship Management Institute as a shared resource.

BOK Frameworks

BOK Framework is a useful model or skeleton of interlinked items that is applied in one or more places in the BRM Body of Knowledge to provide insight into why things are the way they are, how they could be improved, and/or how to effect change.

Business Relationship Maturity Model

The Business Relationship Maturity Model (BRMM) is a way to help surface and understand the maturity of the relationship between a Provider (e.g. internal IT organization) and their Business Partner.


Monograph is a detailed essay on a specific BRM-related subject area.


Technique is a systematic procedure or skill, often employing the use of tools, that can be applied to create an output of one or more process.

Sample Core Values

Core Values shape Business Relationship Management behaviors in best-practice organizations. 


Deliverable is standardized definition of an output (or input) of a process with the sole purpose of helping increase the consistency of what is produced.

BRM Institute Provider Capability Model

This represents all the capabilities typically required of a Provider to effectively address the demand for the Provider’s products and services by the business.

BRM Competency Model

The BRM Competency Model describes the knowledge, skills, and behaviors needed for the successful performance of the Business Relationship Manager role.


Concept is an idea, abstraction, or generalization derived or inferred from examples and can help shape a shared understanding.

Sample Principles

It is often helpful to have a small number of Principles that guide the practice of Business Relationship Management in best-practice organizations. 


A Role defines the competencies and background required or expected of a person in order for that person to be successful in the performance of a related set of processes. 


Metric is any type of measurement used to gauge some quantifiable component of an organization’s current performance or forecast of future performance. 

“I love the access to the Online Campus!

“I love the access to the Online Campus! In addition to gaining access to the on-line version of the BRMiBOK, I enjoy interacting with the on-line community. If I am in need of inspiration or need to ask a question, I can count on my community to provide a quick response where they freely share their wisdom.”

Maureen Jesuthasan, CBRM

Shared Templates and Examples

Collective Experiences

Help other members by providing templates or examples you have used successfully in your past, and take advantage of the collective experiences of other members.

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