Innovative Business Problem-Solving Course


Innovative Business Problem-Solving Course

The IBPS course is designed for professionals who wish to elevate their strategic impact by learning to create “shared breakthrough” on the fast-evolving challenges of the organization. Enhance your potential to become more strategic drivers of value, innovation, and evolve the organization and the center(s) of excellence that you represent.

Through this training workshop, you will:

  • Begin to develop the art of creative group problem-solving and collaborative innovation to address both the known and yet-to-be-understood challenges of the business.
  • Learn the Interplay of Innovation & teamwork, including ways to spark new ideas within yourself and with others, and turn them into practical solutions.
  • Gain tips, tools, and techniques for bringing together stakeholders, discovering their objectives, and facilitating the creation of breakthrough solutions that have shared ownership.
  • Practice on real challenges, share experiences, and build solutions with a small group of professional peers.
  • Explore disruptions that arise regularly between Business Units and Centers of Excellence and how to reduce them.
  • Receive a Certificate of Completion & BRM Institute CPD Credits.
This course is designed for
  • Business Partners or BRMs in any industry or center of excellence (e.g. HR, IT/Digital Transformation, Innovation, Lean, Corp Strategy, Finance, or others) wishing to have more strategic impact. 
  • Leaders wishing to ignite the ingenuity of their teams to create new value and innovative solutions.
Additional Information
  • This course is live online over four days, 18 hours total.
  • It can also be run in-person over two days.
  • Facilitated by Joe Gammal, Synecticsworld Inc.
  • 18 CPD credits

BRM Institute is proud to present the Innovative Business Problem-Solving Course in partnership with Synecticsworld.

The Innovative Business Problem-Solving Course was great! It gave an approach to problem solving that was difference than any other I’ve experienced. The framework and techniques brought out new and creative ways to think about problems. The classroom setting allowed for others, not familiar with the problems, to contribute in a non-bias way which created holistic, creative solutions to a variety of problems – Marleen LaMont

A course designed for HR Business Partners, this is an excellent offering for any professional. I highly recommend it! -Helen Zarba, Chief HR

This course is an innovative, thought-provoking experience that is complimented with theories and techniques you can apply to enhance communications as a BRM, in your personal life, and facilitated a pathway to the outcomes you desire. -Artella Gardner, BRMP Francican Health Olympia Fields

A model and mindset for maximizing innovation that results in actionable ideas. This is a way to change the dialogue you have with your business partner and really start understanding their business needs. – Dr. Eric Vesper, Clear Choice Dental Management Service

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