Culture: The Elephant in the Room

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“Culture is the reason for why we do things the way we do them. It is the Elephant in the Room”

~ Cheryl White

Every BRM can relate to the frustration of a failed transformation initiative. According to Cheryl White and Laura Wilcox of Service Made Simple, the historical success rate of traditional change management delivering the target ROI is less than 20%. While this percentage is less-than-ideal in any scenario, it can be especially devastating for a budding BRM department.

Often BRMs are tasked with providing change projects. In order to maintain support, these projects must produce dependable adoption and sustainability.

So, how do we do this? As Cheryl and Laura explain, we must shift the culture! This isn’t easy, but Cheryl and Laura propose using science to mobilize change in culture. During their session, they outlined the different styles of productivity and management. Furthermore, they explained ways to utilize that knowledge.

Finally, they ended by opening the floor for questions. It was obvious from the questions and deep reflections of the participants that Cheryl and Laura’s presentation would stick with them long after BRMConnect ends.

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