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We’re all familiar with purpose. In many ways, our own individual purpose drives us towards greatness every day. Purpose leads us to innovation; it also leads us to organizations that share and advance our purpose.

Given, in order to work towards our purpose, we set achievable S.M.A.R.T. goals that also challenge us. Sometimes, however, we feel lost in pursuit of these goals. We lack the necessary motivation to work towards our goals with passion. Then, what do we do to find that motivation again?

We create momentum.

How to Generate Daily Momentum

As human beings, we are all subject to the patterns of life. Sometimes we’re riding high on inspiration, yet other times we can feel incredibly low and unproductive. Momentum is the force that allows us to continue moving in one direction—whether positive or negative.

Ideally, we all hope to create positive momentum that brings achievement, productivity, and purpose along with it. Below, these four simple steps can help us generate that momentum on a daily basis.

Write your To-Do List the night before. If you could start your day with positive momentum before you even wake up, would you do it? By planning our day with a short list of tasks before we go to sleep, we do exactly that. Thus, the moment we wake up, we own our daily purpose and start the day with positive momentum.

Try not to hit Snooze. When we’re tired, that snooze button can be very enticing, but it severely impedes our daily productivity. By jumping out of bed on that first alarm, we win the first battle of the day. Then, carpe diem people; the day is ours

Rock the first few hours! Picture daily momentum as a rock perched atop a hill. When we feel purposeful during the first few hours, that rock falls down a steep decline and quickly gathers momentum with no sign of stopping. Thus, if we feel productive and motivated from the during the morning, this momentum will carry us through the day.

Additionally, those first few hours are highly individualized. Productivity can include anything from making breakfast, to reading a book, to bringing the kids to school. Whatever helps you feel accomplished, make it your own!

Eat the Frog. What is the one thing you don’t want to do tomorrow? When you’re ready to get to work, do that task first.
Often, we catastrophize how unpleasant tasks can be. In reality, those tasks are likely much less daunting than we imagined. Therefore, by eating the frog and accomplishing the least-pleasant task first, the rest of the day comes with ease.

If we can create the right momentum every day, it will ultimately culminate into a positive pattern turning those days into weeks, months, and years.

Through momentum, we carve our own destiny.

How to Create Momentum to Change the World

BRMConnect exists to create lasting momentum that will carry attendees throughout the entire year. While at the conference, the energy and networking help to BUILD momentum. After the event, the global BRM Community exists to support BRMs year-round, long after the emotional high from the conference subsides.

Moreover, the live-conference courses and workshops help to APPLY momentum, providing the BRM with necessary knowledge and tools to evolve culture with purpose in their organizations.

Act fast! The last day to register for these knowledge offerings is Friday, August 30th September 30th!

Take advantage of the various BRM Courses and Workshops at BRMConnect 2019 before, during, or after the conference.



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