BRM:Managing External Relationships

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Gary hardy and Kip Fanta

“All vendors are not going to be the same- so let’s think about which ones we want to put the effort into building as strategic partnerships”

~Kip Fanta

BRM & External Relationships

One of the many unique elements of BRMConnect is the interactive sessions facilitated by top BRMs and industry leaders. BRMs understand that the age of passive listening is over. This year, Kip Fanta and Gary Hardy’s session about external relationships demonstrated this perfectly.

As information and challenges were shared around the room, Kip and Gary fostered and guided the flow of the conversation. The offered their expertise without detracting from the participants’ contributions.

The energy in the room was tangible as they facilitated discussion and offered guidance around key challenges of external strategic partners. One of the challenges began a lively question/ answer session among participants :

“How can Enterprises best engage with external providers as “partners”? What capabilities, skills, and behaviors will be required?”

Participants went back and forth with each other, offering perspective and suggestions. There were a great many “a ha!” moments as a result of these conversations. Leaving the session, attendees were full of smiles, new ideas and renewed zest for managing external relationships for their organizations!

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