BRM Institute Launches BRM Fast-Track Week!

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In response to increased interest around advancing a BRM capability; BRM Institute is launching – “BRM Fast-Track Week”!

This inaugural event will provide scope and knowledge around what it takes to advance a BRM capability in today’s increasingly purpose-driven environment.

The first “BRM Fast-Track Europe” event is taking place in Birmingham, England June 3-7.

“BRM Fast-Track Africa” will be in Johannesburg, South Africa, September 2-6.

BRM Fast-Track Week Agenda

First, the week kicks off with a fun and interactive all-day networking event. Hosted by an organization that has been applying the BRM approach, the event is free to anyone keen to learn about BRM. BRM practitioners will be telling their stories and sharing experiences.

The day will start with a presentation of the Institute’s Executive Brief and finish with a social gathering sponsored by APMG. Guests from complimentary Institutes and Associations have been invited to join in and team up. Thus, we are delighted that Wesleyan will be sponsoring and serving as our host in Birmingham!

For the first time, we are bringing together those with a key role in a digital world – BRMs, CIOs, Architects, BAs, Service Managers, HR and Finance professionals, and their Business Partners to experience BRM in practice. Ultimately, the week mixes networking with educational offerings covering the entire BRM Knowledge Path to Success to suit everyone’s needs. A team of BRM coaches from ITWinners will be available all week facilitating the training and offering guidance and consultations.

A Collaborative Event in a Digital World

In a digital world, business leaders have never been so keen to capture the opportunities that new technologies can provide and deliver stakeholder value. Collaboration and agility are critical, and the ability to support business with digital strategies is the capability that leaders are looking for right now. Therefore, IT, HR, and Finance Support functions need to be strategic partners with their business colleagues.

Business Relationship Management is the game changer that provides the necessary competencies and capabilities needed to drive business value. As an Art as well as a Science, the BRM approach focuses on evolving a value-oriented culture and breaking down silos, communication barriers, and finger-pointing to instead build collaborative, flexible teams driven by a shared purpose to deliver results.

Learn more about each of the courses and workshops here:

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