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Business function leaders (IT, HR, Finance, external Service Providers, etc..) from around the world congregate to network and lead initiatives advancing the Business Relationship Management (BRM) profession through BRM Institute volunteer councils. Importantly, these councils play a pivotal role in the development of new ideas which help determine the future direction of BRM standards and profession.

BRM Institute councils have experienced new growth and recent changes in the past quarter. Take a look at some of these exciting updates and learn more on how to get involved! These councils want you and are constantly growing and evolving with rapid pace. With change brings new perspectives, direction, and growth. Therefore, we’re excited to see what value these councils will generate in the future. Keep an eye out for the contributions these councils will make towards advancing the BRM profession in their own unique way.

BRM Council

We are excited to announce Chris Lucas as the new Chair of the BRM Council. As of July, he took over the position from Arnie Wetherill. We extend our thanks and appreciation to Arnie for all his contributions to the council, and for his continued dedication to the BRM cause. Consequently, Arnie will remain with the BRM Council as a general member and secretary for BRM Institute Board of Directors.

Next, we would like to thank all previous Vice Chairs for their contributions to the BRM Council. Thanks to their hard work and dedication, the BRM Council has grown to its status of today. It will continue to thrive as it ushers in a new generation of Vice Chairs, mentioned below:

Chair and Vice Chairs

Chris Lucas – Chair

United States, Higher Education

Pernilla Weber – Vice Chair/Secretary

United States, Corporate IT

Sarah Fogg

United Kingdom, IT

Christine Tsintarakis

Australia, Information Services

Tyrone Green

United States, Beverage and Food

Glenn Remoreras

United States, Manufacturing

BRM Council Vision

Each new member brings their own unique experience, knowledge, and capabilities. Thus, this mix of diverse thought leaders empowers our council to execute on numerous fronts. The vision statements below encapsulate the direction of the BRM Council.

The future of the BRM profession is great and has an opportunity to become one of the most influential capabilities, role, and/or skillset within a company as it focuses on driving value, building partnerships, and evolving culture. I want to continue to elevate the role across the industry where companies that haven’t advanced their BRM capability are asking themselves “when.”

Tyrone Green

I see an expansion of traditional IT BRM into Finance, HR and other functional areas and I look forward to contributing as a Vice Chair to help support and enable the BRM community.

Christine Tsintarakis

BRM Executive Council

Chair and Vice Chairs

Jim Brusnahan – Chair

United States, Corporate IT

Joe Topinka

United States, IT

Gary Hardy

Africa, Education

Joseph Hayes

United States, Financial Services

Ibrahim Jackson

United States, Business/Professional Services

Darrel Popowich

Canada, Financial Services

Aaron Barnes

United States, BRM Institute

BRM Executive Council Vision

The BRM Executive Council seeks to provide executive thought leadership through real world experience. Areas included are BRM capability excellence, shaping the BRM discipline, and advancing the BRM profession globally.

The BEC acts as an advisory council:

  • Advocating the value of BRM
  • Guiding BRM best practices
  • Mentoring BRM practitioners
  • Influencing the strategic direction of the BRM Institute
  • Advising on future and leading-edge concepts

BRM Knowledge Provision Team

Chair and Vice Chairs

Mart Rovers – Chair

United States, Business/Professional Services

Leif Anderson

Sweden, Business/Professional Services

Jeremy Byrne

United Kingdom, Education

Kip Fanta

United States, Business/Professional Services

Luca Gambetti

Italy, Education

Gary Hardy

Africa, Education

Svetlana Sidenko

Canada, Business/Professional Services

BRM Knowledge Provision Team Vision

The BRM Knowledge Provision Team strives to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To be the voice of our customers that provides a direct channel into the BRM Institute’s organization to further the sharing of BRM practices, knowledge, skills and expertise
  • To make recommendations to the BRM Institute’s leadership teams involving expanding its knowledge provisioning offerings
  • To define and implement quality assurance parameters that ensure a consistent knowledge provision experience in line with BRM Institute’s mission and the global BRM profession

Interested in applying to be on a council and help shape the future of BRM? Apply here today and someone will be in contact with you shortly!

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