2017 Global Excellence Award Winners

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Global Community Impact

  1. Aaron Monroe
  2. Arnie Wetherill
  3. Chris Lucas
  4. Dan Kotrapu
  5. Darrel Popowich
  6. Derek Storbakken
  7. Deryl Heitman
  8. Gerry Robinson
  9. Ibrahim Jackson
  10. Joe Hayes
  11. Joe Topinka
  12. Karina O’Mara
  13. Kirk Olinger
  14. Lee Reiff
  15. Leigh Ann Thomas
  16. Malini Jayaganesh
  17. Paul Wilkinson
  18. Pernilla Webber
  19. Peter Lijnse
  20. Ronn Faigen
  21. Steve Plante
  22. Suresh GP
  23. Vaughan Merlyn
  24. Boyd Sharpe
  25. Cyndi Cossais
  26. Gary Hardy
  27. Jamie Keeley
  28. Jason Ruiter
  29. Jason Spinner
  30. Jeremy Byrne
  31. Karen Ferris
  32. Michael Malone
  33. Monica Graham
  34. RJ Juliano
  35. Simon Kent
  36. Simon Matthews
  37. Stephen Hinde
  38. Tina Pomeroy
  39. Zahid Afzal


  1. Suresh GP
  2. Roger Jones


  1. Darrel Popowich
  2. Joe Topinka
  3. LaVerne Council
  4. Michael Caesar

BRM Practitioner

  1. Chris Lucas
  2. Malini Jayaganesh
  3. Nicole Conboy
  4. Roger  Jones

BRM Team

  1. Michael Caesar
  2. Roger  Jones


  1. Suresh GP

Community of Interest

  1. Dan Kotrapu
  2. Kip Fanta
  3. Kirk Olinger
  4. Leanne McGiveron
  5. Leif Andersson
  6. Malini Jayaganesh
  7. Steve Plante
  8. Suresh GP
  9. Chris Clancy
  10. Gary Hardy
  11. Jeremy Byrne
  12. Rattan Muradia
  13. Reuben Connolly
  14. Simon Kent
  15. Susan Miskiman


  1. Malini Jayaganesh
  2. Michael  Caesar
  3. Paul Wilkinson
  4. Roger Jones

Global Community Impact: A Special Recognition

Stephanie Walsh received a Global Community Impact award for creating and leading the BRM Council. Stephanie led the BRM Council, giving it a great foundation to grow to what it is today. Stephanie has been a great supporter of the global BRM community.

The Arnie Award

Steve Plante


Coined in 2016, the Arnie was named after its first recipient, Arnie Wetherill, for being the embodiment of an exemplary BRM and BRM Institute member. Recipients of the #BRMLegend Award receive the Arnie for going above and beyond to get involved at BRM Institute, assume leadership positions within their BRM practice, establish mentoring relationships with other BRMs, and set an example within the global BRM community.


These awards are the BRM profession’s highest honor, in recognition of how professionals (both individually and in teams) strengthen the global BRM community and business environment, as well as enrich lives through excellence in BRM within their organizations and contributions to the community on a local, national, and global level. The awards shine a spotlight on outstanding accomplishments of industry professionals for efforts driving BRM community involvement/stewardship, convergence, business value, creativity and innovation, and overall make the world a better place.

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