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Come together at BRMConnect to share their experiences, their insights and knowledge as they connect with attendees through Storyteller sessions designed to help you solve your biggest challenges and ignite your passion for BRM.  Advance your leadership skills by sharing your knowledge and expertise by becoming a Storyteller at BRMConnect!


Please note: Storytellers enjoy a generous discount on BRMConnect admission.

Meet Your Storytellers

 Learn from a Mature Leading BRM Team to Map Your Journey

Session Details

Join Bart Keaney and the Centene BRM Team as they guide you to what many BRM teams need, share best-in-class results to reach Strategic Partnership. This fortune 26 organization is leading the way and changing the health of the community, one person at a time. 

Storyteller Bio

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Bart Keaney, Staff Vice President Centene
Industry: Healthcare

Get Smarter Together with Your Peers

Expect turnout from peers in your specific area/industry

  • Government 
  • Healthcare 
  • Manufacturing 
  • Higher Education 
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Retail 
  • Utilities 


Lots of dedicated time to do what BRMs love most

  • Speed Dating
  • Icebreaking Games
  • Problem-Solving Together


What you can expect to learn

Bringing you what you want most, tangible sessions and takeaways to implement immediately. 

With sessions dedicated to different audiences, find what you need most, with topics like:

Mature BRMs- Advancing the BRM Capability

  • How to set the top-level goal with the CEO & CxO of your function 
  • Value Management from beginning to end (and over again) 
  • How to Grow Your Leadership Skills 
  • Stop “prioritizing” -> How to properly Sequence for Impact. 
  • 3-year plan creation at the conference 
  • How to Coach your Executives 
  • How to get your team to bond fearlessly 
  • How to tell stories with emotional impact and get buy-in w/ data 
  • Getting your team to become Value-Focused 
  • How to Advance Your BRM Capability 

    Early Stage BRMs-Establishing the BRM Capability

    • New to BRM? Your first 6 weeks mapped 
    • Influencing without authority- how to inspire and influence
    • Capturing partner needs to share ownership of results 
    • How to measure and communicate tangible value, and make intangible value your differentiator 
    • How to build a journey map 
    • Let’s get clear on Idea Documents & Value Plans 
    • Using colors to communicate value with specific BRM tools 
    • Allies in Strategic Purpose 2.0… Product Owners, Project Managers, and more 
    • The top 5-10 phrases to use to reach Trusted Advisor 
    • Level Up Your Communication Strategy 

      There are a select number of slots to be voted in by YOU, the community!

      Register before February 12, 2023 for your vote to be applied. 



      You don’t have to register for BRMConnect to submit your session suggestion. Our team will be reviewing all session submissions. If you register, you can vote to shape the conference agenda so make your voice heard! Register today and vote on session topics to customize the conference experience!

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      BRMConnect is the only conference for BRMs, by BRMs! If you’re ready to advance your skills, connect with other professionals and learn practical tools & templates that you can apply to your practice immediately- look no further!

      “It was a rare privilege to be a Storyteller at the BRMConnect Conference… They [BRM Institute] created an experience which rivals many physical conferences I’ve attended.” 

      -– Baziel Barends, BRM Institute South Africa Chapter

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