Get Involved

Get Involved

Business Relationship Management is about relationships! Hone your relationship skills by getting involved with BRM Institute. Join and increase your opportunities for leadership, collaboration, and networking. 

BRM Communities

BRM Communities are a Professional Member benefit which allows individuals to describe, discuss, disseminate and debate key areas of knowledge throughout and beyond the BRM community. The community leaders will also arrange “local” face-to-face get-togethers or events for further networking.

BRM Contributor Network

The BRM Contributor Network provides an exclusive platform for BRM Institute Professional Members to share their expertise and establish themselves as thought leaders on topics and issues that affect BRMs every day.

Volunteer Opportunities

You are encouraged to lead and/or apply for any opportunity that aligns with your passions! Throughout the year, we post current volunteer opportunities to our Volunteer Center in the BRM Institute Online Campus. These openings are a great way to find opportunities that fit your interests and the time that you have available.

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