Building Bridges with BRM and Agile

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When picturing a bridge, we envision two strong pillars that span a gap. Similiarly, the combined use of BRM and Agile methodologies can act as pillars that bridge any gaps that may arise, and promote collaboration and alignment between teams.

Business Relationship Management (BRM) and Lean-Agile are two methodologies that share a common purpose that defines, drives, and connects them. It is crucial to understand the links between them, as it can provide a competitive advantage to your organization and add value to you as a BRM.

Lean-Agile methodology focuses on delivering business value incrementally while minimizing waste, making it applicable in both defined and empirical environments. Agile, on the other hand, is a software development methodology that emphasizes incremental value delivery through collaboration, feedback, and iterative delivery.

When combined, Lean-Agile provides a powerful toolset for delivering business value incrementally and iteratively, from idea to value realization. This approach ensures a clear definition of business value and effective delivery through iterative practices to evolve systems. It is a delicate balance that requires identifying business value increments and delivering them effectively.

The intersection of Lean-Agile and BRM is business value delivery. By leveraging these methodologies together, you can create a powerful toolset that delivers business value incrementally and iteratively. The degree to which these methodologies are mixed can vary in each blend, and there are countless ways to blend them.

Combining BRM and Lean-Agile methodologies is critical for achieving business results in today’s business environment. This approach can give your organization a competitive edge. Each method possesses unique strengths that can further enhance your ability to achieve your organization’s goals.


By delivering business value incrementally and iteratively, you can meet the needs of the ever-changing business landscape and drive sustainable business growth.

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