Mart Rovers, CBRM

United States Regional Ambassador and BRM Knowledge Provision Council Chair

Mart Rovers is President of INTERPROM, a (BRM) coaching, consulting, training and education firm. With decades of experience of owning and running companies and organizations, leading teams, and advising executives and managers, he is eager to connect with every BRM enthusiast. Mart is an active member of the BRM Institute. He chairs the Knowledge Provision Council, volunteers on many workgroups, he co-leads the Southwest US Community of Interest, is CBRM certified and he is a Registered Provider with the RCP Assessment credential. Besides being a BRM coach, he teaches every BRM class and every workshop the Institute offers. Coaching people and teams are his passion and are what Mart has been doing for nearly three decades. His most loyal business partners value his advice for nearly two decades straight and counting.  Mart would greatly appreciate the opportunity to connect with you and to help you with navigating and orchestrating throughout your exciting BRM journey!

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