Purpose: A Roadmap to Living Your Best Life

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If you have a purpose, you can achieve anything.

That’s right. ANYTHING.

Over the past year, you may have heard a lot of discussion on the importance of purpose, but perhaps nothing brings the idea home more simply, or more brilliantly than Jim Brusnahan’s moving speech at BRMConnect 2019. In a hushed room with all eyes on him, Jim delivered an outstandingly insightful, inspirational, and personal presentation on how your purpose is your guiding light.

He started by sharing the definition of purpose: “the reason for which something is done, or created, or the reason for why it exists.”

If you intimately know yourself, and the reason why YOU exist, then no moment in your life will be wasted. Moreover, if you authentically live your purpose in everything you do, including your career, people will naturally support you.

How to Build Support Through Purpose

Professionally speaking, three things are necessary to feel purposeful in your work. Therefore, if you can define these three things as a BRM, your partners will follow you and feel inspired by the clarity of your purpose.

  • Trust – without trust, there is no relationship. If you want to inspire trust in those around you, build personal trust (emotional honesty, and meaning what you say) and professional trust (delivering what you promise) with everyone you meet.
  • Strategic Clarity – Understand the what, why, and how in everything you do.
  • Role Clarity – Be able to communicate why your role drives value to those around you.


Seek to Understand

If you want to drive value to those around you, make helping others part of your purpose. If you first seek to understand what your partners’ goals are, your life will flow more naturally. Don’t go in pushing information. Create pull by asking questions. Listen. Find their pain points and address them.

Ultimately, aim to stick in their minds that you will help them achieve their goals.

Talk Big

To stick in their minds, lead boldly by asking your partners, “Hey, what are your goals? Can I help you achieve them?”

Jim Wisdom – Purpose in Action

When putting all of this together, it looks a little like something Jim did to become a trusted advisor for the CFO at Clarios. If you’d like, use his example to reference when building new relationships as a BRM.

Jim walked up to the CFO and introduced himself with this,

“Hey CFO. I’ll be your business partner as a BRM. But we’ll get to that later. Think of me as your mini-CIO. What I’m going to do is stabilize all IT and we’ll improve it. We will get to that later, too. But most importantly, I need to know what your goals are, and I’m going to make those happen. By the way, if anybody is yelling at you, come to me, and I can help you work towards a solution together.”

After their response, Jim followed with,

“Let me plug into your staff, I need to get to know you and your team to help drive value. Oh, and by the way, if you have any personal purpose as the CFO, I really want to hear that and help you achieve it.”

Existing to benefit others is the purpose of BRMs. If you’d like to learn how to drive impactful relationships, join the global BRM community today!

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