Registered Coaching/Consulting Providers

Business Relationship Management Institute’s Registered Coaching/Consulting Providers (RCP) Directory features Coaches/Consultants from all over the globe who offer quality programs to promote the growth and development of BRM professionals.
Below, dive into categories that support your personal development and knowledge expansion, and take a moment to check out the BRM Capability development listings from our RCPs—organizations we know and trust to bring you the information you need to succeed. As managers of value, we know you’re looking for the best return on your BRM Capability development dollar, and you’ve come to the right place to find it.
Don’t know where to begin? Check out our Knowledge Path to Success to understand where you stand in your path to success in key BRM capability categories, along with your organization’s performance level.

IT Winners
Phone: (072) 568-8957
Based in Southern Africa. Serving globally.

Kip Fanta Group
Phone: 513-780-6336
Based in the U.S., serving globally.

Lead The Pack Consulting
Located in North America, serving globally.

TaUB Solutions
+91 9632688185
Serving Asia Pacific

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