Professional Development

Announcing Our 2017 Global Community Events


As the new year quickly approaches, we are proud to announce the 2017 Events Calendar. We’ve expanded our BRMConnect events to include one-day forums targeted to action learning! Do you need to spend your 2016 budget money before the year ends? Now is your chance to spend and save at the same time!

From Cost to Value: Changing the IT Conversation, Part 1


BRMs have much to offer when it comes to strategy, but in order to get the word out to business partners, the conversation has to change from cost centers to value centers, a culture of output needs to turn into a culture of creativity, and IT needs to think like marketing.

6 Tips for New BRMs to Guide Your Career and Capability


Two of the most common questions new BRMs ask are “Where do I begin?” and “What should I do first?” These six tips can help guide your career and capability as you move forward.

4 Quick Steps to Get Your Development Dollars Approved


The question on every BRM’s mind right now is, “How do I get my training approved when the expense budget is being cut?” The answer: become the investment.

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