Global Community Experiences

Are you looking for ways to become more involved with the global BRM community? There are many different experiences to choose from that will meet your organizational goals.

A BRMConnect Conference is BRM Institute’s three-day event targeted for 250 attendees with content focused on introducing new elements to the Body of Knowledge, methodologies, and models with tracks and workshops focused around collaboration and networking.

A BRMConnect Forum is a one-day event targeted for 40 attendees with a focus on taking the Body of Knowledge and putting it into action through collaboration and networking.

Partner Events:

A Partner Event is a one or two day event hosted by a partner with BRM Institute’s support in their ability to deliver licensed content.

Community Meet-Ups:

A Community Meet-Up is a two to three-hour event designed for local BRM communities to build the global community.

International BRM Day:

International BRM Day is on February 11th and dedicated to celebrate BRMs and the global community. Special activities are scheduled throughout the day.


Webinars are 60-minute presentations dedicated to further the development of the global BRM community.

BRM Institute Presence:

There are several different opportunities to share the BRM role, community and capability.

To see the schedule of these various global BRM experiences, visit our calendar.

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