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BRM Institute offers sponsorship opportunities to individuals and organizations who align with the BRM Institute mission and purpose. BRM Institute believes in the power of community, and as such, chooses sponsors who contribute value to the single, global BRM community.


With nearly 6,000 unique website visits per week and an impressive average of over 25% open rate in targeted emails, exposure on BRM Institute’s online platforms offers significant value to every sponsor.


BRM Institute’s reach includes over 150+ countries worldwide with Professional Members across the globe. With its top ten industry demographics including government, higher education, communication, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and financial services just to name a few.

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Sponsors are eligible for discounts if they wish to bundle sponsorship opportunities.

Esprit de BRM World Tour

Held Virtually Around the Globe


To acquaint the globe with business relationship management, BRM Institute is hosting a year-long Esprit de BRM world tour which offers multiple ways to engage with this powerful operational game-changer. Esprit de BRM (the spirit of BRM) encapsultates the BRM growth mindset, and everything involved therein. Throughout 2022, BRM Institute will host impactful community forums to enhance your skillset, help propel your career and personal development forward, and unite BRMs from around the globe with the spirit of BRM. There will also be weekly emails to teach high-level BRM lessons, through a storytelling format. 

Esprit de BRM: Infinite Potential, Limitless Results

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