Chapter Formation

Thank you for your interest in starting a BRM Institute Regional Chapter!

The experience of creating a new BRM Institute Regional Chapter is a rewarding endeavor, but also one that requires a dedicated group of leaders who are willing to put their time and energy together to make that happen over an extended period of time.

Your leadership in your regional Chapter might just be the most important contribution you will make to the Global BRM Community, to the profession, and your own career.

The way we see it, Chapter leaders have a unique opportunity to:

  • Contribute to the growth and success of the Global BRM Community
  • Impact their regional community in a meaningful way
  • Drive awareness and recognition of the BRM profession to their region
  • Develop solutions to meet present and future challenges
  • Expand leadership and relationship-building skills
  • Develop rich, lasting, and rewarding professional relationships
  • And so much more!

How To Get Started 

Prior to engaging in the formation process for creating a Chapter, interested leaders should first:

  •  Identify others who will join as members of the Chapter Board of Directions, and agree to support the effort through the formation and ongoing activities.
  • Complete their BRM Institute volunteer agreement (log in to your online profile and select the “Volunteer Agreement” box)
  • Submit a completed interest form to BRM Institute for a strategic review and approval

As soon as the above items are secured, your BRM Institute Chapters Point of Focus will be in contact with your Chapter Board members to begin the formation process!

Ready to get started?

Complete an interest form here!

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