Business Relationship Management Research

Business Partnering through a BRM Capability


by Leigh Ann Thomas As a regulated water utility and an industry not typically known for rapid technological change, you might be surprised by the emphasis on Business Relationship Management within American Water’s Information Technology Services [ITS] department. As of 2015, we have a Business Partner Engagement organization that consists of a team of BRMs, […]

BRMConnect Mutual Discovery Sessions Bring Deep Thinking to How the BRM Role Might Evolve in Multiple Future Scenarios


by Sheila Smith Note: While we recognize that the BRM capability includes those performing the BRM role in various aspects of business, such as HR, Finance, and IT, the BRMConnect Mutual Discovery session focused solely on scenarios related to the role of the BRM in IT organizations. A buzz in the air… energized conversations… multiple […]

The Manifesto of an ‘Outside-in’ Business Relationship Manager


Traditionally, Enterprise IT controlled the choice and supply of IT within the firm, and CIOs deployed Business Relationship Managers out to ‘the business’ as essentially a sales force to understand requirements and define new IT solutions. The astute BRM aspired to be a full member of the business management team, participating in discussions about strategy […]

Special Discussion: BRM Role Clarity and Role-to-Mission Alignment


Hosted by Ivy Remoreras At Business Relationship Management Institute, it is our mission to define, inspire, value, and promote the key traits of effective Business Relationship Management. As such, we constantly seek to expand our knowledge and share what we learn with members of the BRM community. On this quest, we sometimes encounter opinions that […]

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