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Trends in BRM Employment

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Trends in BRM Employment

Globally, and in all business areas, we see the unprecedented potential for people and businesses to engage purpose. This shift is opening boundless opportunities for future BRM growth and leadership. Organizations are not made up of people, they are made up of relationships. Business Relationship Management, as a skill or role, spans all functions inside an organization. BRM positions come in a wide variety and make the career appealing to talented professionals from many backgrounds. As an employer, this is your gateway to explore BRM job roles and salaries.

The global community recognizes that an advanced BRM capability brings purpose, relationships and recognized value to the forefront of any organization. BRMs exemplify personal autonomy. They are deeply engaged in evolving culture, strategic partnering, driving value, and sharing ownership with others to ensure purposeful results.

In research typically conducted every two years, BRM Institute has identified BRM skills found in almost every role and specific BRM job roles for professionals that are common across organizations. Compensation packages are based on several organizational variables, including budget, staff size, metropolitan area, and type of organization.

The BRM Compensation Study divides those roles into the categories below.
BRM Role Classifications
  • Executive Office
  • Strategic Relationship Focused (Vertically with specific organizational areas; value streams/functions/geographies)
  • Business Capability Focused (horizontally across relationships) 
  • Early Career
Common Functions With BRM Roles (sorted alphabetically)
  • Customer Relationship Managers (CRM)/Sales
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • People/Human Resources
    Public Relations/Legal
Common Job Titles
  • Business Relationship Manager
  • Business Capability Manager
  • VP/Director, Business Relationship Management
  • VP/Director Business Partnering
  • HR Business Partner
  • Technology/IT Business Partner
  • Finance Business Partner
  • Chief Value Officer
  • Director Technology
  • Director Finance
  • Director Marketing
  • HR Director
  • Director Sales


BRM Job Description Templates


BRM Staffing and Executive Recruitment

The power of an advanced BRM capability lies in its ability to harness the talent, expertise, and passion of like-minded people inside an organization who collaborate to achieve common goals. Executives, professionals, and BRMs set strategic direction and share ownership of advancing the organization’s mission.

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