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Global BRM Community Excellence Awards

The Global BRM Community Excellence Awards are a significant honor in the BRM profession, recognizing those who have made the strongest impact on the philosophy, capability, discipline, and role of Business Relationship Management. Recipients of these awards enrich lives through excellence in BRM within their organizations and contributions to the community on a local, national, and global level.

Honor an individual, team, or organization today by nominating them for one of the available Global BRM Community Excellence categories below.

This year’s deadline for awards submissions:

 August 15

BRM Community Involvement

Driving Convergence

Driving Business Value

Driving Creativity & Innovation

Global Excellence Award Categories


The Arnie

This award represents sustained commitment to leadership in BRM, mentoring relationships with other BRMs and setting an example within the global BRM community in an effort to advance the BRM discipline and impact the world. This individual recognizes an impact on, or overwhelming demand for, greater purpose. They are advocates of the BRM philosophy rising up to meet this emerging demand. They embody it within their organization’s triple bottom line; People, Purpose, and Planet.

Trailblazer: “Purpose in Evolution”

This award is for individuals who have demonstrated an evolution to purposefully and effectively partner with their peers across the organization sharing ownership of strategy and results. It also looks at the evolution to an individual’s development as well as their partners’ evolution. The Purpose in Evolution award recognizes the belief that BRM is everywhere.

Trailblazer: “Up and Coming BRM”

This award recognizes individuals who have entered the BRM career path within the last 1-2 years. They are seeking involvement in the BRM community, learning opportunities from existing knowledge and are advancing their network through mentee relationships with other BRMs.

BRM Team

This award recognizes BRM Teams who have made a significant impact within their organization by articulating value and impact on business purpose. A truly impactful BRM Team understands Business Relationship Management  as a discipline, a capability, a role, and as a philosophy. 


This award is for organizations overall commitment to BRM, recognizing the impact and demand for greater purpose by advocating BRM philosophy, capability, discipline and role of BRM. It continuously invests in its BRM capability to ensure continued value optimization.  

Community Impact

This award is for an overall outstanding contribution to the BRM global community and discipline in the past year through sustained and varied output. This award recognizes positive and significant effort made in support of developing or advancing a local or global community. 


This award recognizes a C-Level function who has demonstrated extraordinary creativity, leadership, and great skill in supporting BRMs within their organization. The recipient(s) of this award are a great supporter and advocate of the BRM Discipline within and outside of their organization.

The Nomination Process
  • Recognize others who have made the strongest impact by submitting your nominations no later than, Monday August 1, 2022. There is no cap on the number of individuals, teams, or organizations you can nominate!
  • BRM Institute notifies nominees that they were recognized by a member of the Global BRM Community, and collects any necessary permissions or additional information from them.  If BRM Institute does not receive the correct permissions from a nominee, they cannot move forward with the nomination process.
  • Our volunteer-based BRM Recognition Committee is dedicated to reviewing every nomination that is submitted as part of the selection process for Global Excellence Awards.
  • Nominees and winners will be announced and celebrated at each of the upcoming BRMConnect conferences, during a dedicated awards ceremony celebration.
  • Trophies are provided to winners who are present to receive the award in person. BRM Institute also provides digital certificates to all winners to display their recognition proudly!

Winners will be given the opportunity to share their journey story or other inspirations on stage with the BRM Community at BRMConnect.

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