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San Antonio, Texas

October 4th and 5th, 2022

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Thought-leaders from around the globe

Come together at BRMConnect to share their experiences, their insights and knowledge as they connect with attendees through Storyteller sessions designed to help you solve your biggest challenges and ignite your passion for BRM.  Advance your leadership skills by sharing your knowledge and expertise by becoming a Storyteller at BRMConnect!


Please note: Storytellers enjoy a generous discount on BRMConnect admission.

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At BRMConnect 2022, the conference theme is Stronger Together.

BRM Institute is accepting submissions for Storyteller sessions that provide value to the single, global BRM community. Submit a topic that meets your passion or experience, and let your voice be heard!

Want to speak but need a little guidance? The BRM Role Competency Model below is a great framework to start with. The model includes capabilities with knowledge, skills, and mindsets on how to develop each capability integral to those in the BRM role.

Storyteller submissions are open throughout the year, but in order to be considered for the 2022 BRMConnect Conference, submissions need to be received no later than June 15, 2022.
Evolving Culture
  • Evolves culture through sharing a purposeful narrative and storytelling
  • Indentifes and designs desirable, reinforced behaviors
  • Cultivates a network of influential relationships
  • Committed to continous personal growth and learning
  • Understands and effectively applies organizational development techniques
Drive Value
  • Understands the Value Framework and how to utilize it within the organization
  • Discovers opportunities and shapes demand to increase the organizational value
  • Realizes results through value-driven decision making and execution
  • Defines, gathers, reports, and analyzes metrics and measurements
  • Communicates and celebrates the accomplishments and learnings
Build Partnerships
  • Understands the organization, politics, influencer(s), energy, sources, and culture
  • Builds and nurtures trusting, authentic, and meaningful relationships
  • Leverages, expands, and connects internal and external relationships
  • Understands and effectively applies appropriate interpersonal and interaction techniques


Satisfy Purpose
  • Understands the organization’s industry and environment it operates in
  • Advances the organizational model, strategy, capabilities, and operations
  • Understands and makes use of how decisions and priorities are made
  • Influences strategies based on shifts in the industry and organization
  • Encourages others to demonstrate leadership to satisfy personal and organizational purpose
  • Validates and drives actions that reinforce strategies to satisfy purpose 


“It was a rare privilege to be a Storyteller at the BRMConnect Conference… They [BRM Institute] created an experience which rivals many physical conferences I’ve attended.” 

-– Baziel Barends, BRM Institute South Africa Chapter

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BRMConnect is the only conference for BRMs, by BRMs! If you’re ready to advance your skills, connect with other professionals and learn practical tools & template that you can apply to your practice immediately- look no further!

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