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BRM Benchmarking

Are you a BRM Institute Professional Member? If so, and you haven’t taken the Benchmarking Survey, click here to take it and learn how to properly measure and improve upon your BRM capabilities.

If you aren’t a BRM Institute Professional Member, click here to learn about the numerous benefits of joining the growing Global BRM Community.

What is BRM Benchmarking?

This new membership benefit, BRM Benchmarking, along with the consolidated input from our single global BRM community, will help you answer some of your most pressing questions. BRM Benchmarking will provide an interactive tool, with tiered-accessibility, based on membership levels, which will allow BRMs to enter data and see real-time comparisons against a selected group of filters. The tool will also allow for multi-year trending and will replace the Global BRM Salary Survey data collection process.

Common Questions Addressed by BRM Benchmarking
  • What’s the ideal number of BRMs for a given business context?
  • How BRM’s time allocation impacts results?
  • What are leading practices around budgeting and funding a BRM capability?
  • How BRMs measure success?
  • What career paths successful BRMs typically follow?
  • What tools and platforms BRMs use and with what results?
  • How your BRM salaries compare to others in your industry?

Benchmarking, in general, allows organizations to measure and compare the quality of their policies, programs, and strategies by gathering and processing data to meet certain developmental objectives, i.e.

  • Determine what and where improvements are needed
  • Analyze how other organizations achieve high performance levels
  • Apply this information to improve performance

Companies around the globe are improving or launching new business relationship management capabilities. These companies use benchmarking surveys to find value and leverage the wisdom of their global communities, which allow them to make informed decisions based on quantifiable data.

BRM Institute’s interactive BRM Benchmarking capability will be the definitive review and analysis of BRM-related practices, performance, and impact across the globe. We will roll out initial functionality and continue to build and expand over time.

The Benchmarking Team

The BRM Benchmarking project is managed by Melissa Bontrager and the development team includes CBRM® Instructor Vaughan Merlyn,  Knowledge Team Leader Roy Youngman, and BRM Institute CEO Aaron Barnes. The team is joined by volunteer members including:

Ndubuisi Nwadigo, BRM, Bank Plc, Nigeria

Julie Cursi, Engagement Analyst

Crystal Dombkowski, BRM, Purdue University

Gavin Berman, Digital Business Partner, Parliamentary Digital Service

Keith Gatford, IT Business Relationship Manager, Eaton Corporation- Electrical Sector EMEA

Karina O’Mara, IT Business Relationship Manager, BRMP, Hennepin County Government Center

Live Toolset

This live toolset was unveiled at BRMConnect 2018. Consequently, it will provide you with knowledge and tools to properly prepare for BRMConnect 2019 in October. Look for more on this exciting announcement as the project continues.

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