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My BRM Journey: Kip Fanta

With the help of the Executive Brief offering, along with the other Introductory offering, BRM Fundamentals, and then with the introduction of the Strategic Partnering Approach (SPA) Workshop, more opportunities than ever before are open for executives to engage and understand how to advance their existing BRM capabilities.

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Emotional Intelligence – Elevation Through Practice


What can you achieve when you facilitate truly meaningful connections? Emotional Intelligence (EI) may be the key to cultivating better relationships with ourselves and with those around us. Learn how to cultivate the different components of EI to tap into your relationship potential.

Culture: The Elephant in the Room


Every BRM can relate to the frustration of a failed transformation initiative. According to Cheryl White and Laura Wilcox of Service Made Simple, the historical success rate of traditional change management delivering the target ROI is less than 20%.

Gary hardy and Kip Fanta

BRM:Managing External Relationships


One of the many unique elements of BRMConnect is the interactive sessions facilitated by top BRMs and industry leaders. BRMs understand that the age of passive listening is over. Kip Fanta and Gary Hardy’s session about external relationships demonstrated this perfectly.

BRM Code of Ethics

BRM Code of Ethics is Here!


Over the past few months, a group of volunteers from the BRM Institute Professional Member community worked diligently to produce the final BRM Code of Ethics. The main objective and purpose for the code’s generation: to provide BRMs inspiration, professional standards and support on their BRM journey.

Team Development

Why BRM Development is Essential for Teams


Before creating a development program, assess the existing skill set of team members. Evaluate their hard skills, soft skills, and intangibles. Have their business partners rate them, their colleagues, and even themselves. Get a good sense for individual and team strengths/weaknesses to determine the right training needed for the team.

Business Reputation Management – A Delicate, Yet Powerful Game

Business Reputation Management – A Delicate, Yet Powerful Game


Reputation management is essential for all organizations, no matter their size. But the approach to reputation management may not be uniform across the board. While it must be built on the vision statement, the manner in which the goal is achieved varies.


Announcing New Regional Ambassador to India


As a Regional Ambassador to India, Avinash aims to promulgate Business Relationship Management discipline in one of the leading IT Hubs of the world; India. He will leverage the existing Fox IT customer base, BRM community, CXO community, relevant industry associations and partners to expand BRM’s awareness and adoption.

Journey of BRM: Purdue Part 1


Introducing BRM in an operational-focused organization can be viewed as overhead or duplication of effort. As I began to develop this program, it was apparent that I needed to create a new level of transparency around the work. If the BRM program was going to show value, even at an early, tactical stage, we were going to have to provide metrics.

Build-Trust 1

How to Build Trust: Managing Relationships:


Building that trust is essential in building the foundation for long-term strategic partnerships. Developing these relationships takes time and commitment but the value of the effort is enormous.

Drive Value, Build Partnerships, Evolve Culture

CULTURE | Why It Concerns You


So I think empathy, honesty, integrity, transparency…that these are the BEHAVIORS that evoke a sense of SAFETY promoting TRUST promoting RELATIONSHIPS to achieve share PURPOSE. That these are the BEHAVIORS that need to be weaved into a CULTURE OF TRUST.

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